Heroic Inspirations


About This Book

Over the ages, superheroes in various forms have been speaking to humanity in togas, robes, and now tights.  They speak to us about human condition.  They help us work through our fears and failures to establish our goals and life plans.  HEROIC INSPIRATIONS draws out rich lessons superheroes provide for our daily lives.
  • How does Superman teach us to deal with difficult people?
  • What do the X-Men tell us about balancing individual and communal identities?
  • What does Zatanna teach us about mourning?
Superheroes speak to these and many other life questions.
About the author:
Michael Critzer has been researching and teaching on superheroes for over ten years.  He holds an MA in English from James Madison University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University.  He spends more money on comic books than he should and hides them from his wife and daughter in their home in central Virginia.


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