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Wear your mask. The harsh red neon glow of Mountain Air advertising pours through the penthouse’s tall windows. Bathed in its light, seventeen-year-old Evelyn Brennan stares back at the sign and asks herself “Why?” Ash and soot fall from the sky, the air chokes with nauseous fumes, but where are the bodies gratuitously depicted on billboards? Determined to find the truth, she begins to challenge the status quo of her regimented life. Disregarding new filters, and venturing into parts of the city she has never been, Evelyn probes the boundaries of the Great Society. Trusting in newfound allies, she finds herself entangled in a brewing revolution. Evelyn’s entire world, and her very identity, are called into question. Pressing on, even as her own world unravels, she ventures into the unknown and unlocks the secrets held within a mysterious device hidden deep beneath the city. Can Evelyn’s dreams of a peaceful revolution reshape the Great Society, or will the blood on her hands jeopardize everything?

Author: G.K. Lamb


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