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Max Gamer

Max Gamer is intended for all children and was designed by “Aspies” for “Aspies.” Asperger’s is not considered a syndrome by the the Max Gamer Authors but is considered a gift and an amazing skill. It is defined in some ways by significant deficits in social skills; however, this book focuses on strengths giving these children the resilience and confidence they need to rise to their potential. From the animation to the storyline, this book was guided by a large group of Aspie kids through surveys and creative group collaboration.

Authors: Frank Gaskill, Ph.D. & Ryan Kelly
Illustrations: Kara Dahlheimer

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Winning at the College Level front

Winning at the College Level: Thriving as a First-Year Student-Athlete

There are three main areas that all student-athletes must navigate in their first year:  academic, athletic, and social.  Successful navigation of the first-year will enhance the overall college experience and greatly increase the likelihood of graduation.  Therefore, a smooth transition from high school to college is imperative for student-athletes who are attempting to manage these challenges.  Winning at the College Level is a practical guide that provides student athletes with resources and tools to manage all aspects of their transition, including navigating the classroom, building relationships with teammates, nutrition, and sleep.

Authors: Shaun Tyrance, Ph.D. & Nyaka NiiLampti, Ph.D.

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CinemAnalysis: Learning About Psychology Through Film

CinemAnalysis connects films to psychology through double features- movies paired because they share striking amounts of cinematic DNA (as if they were separated at birth).  Each chapter describes a double feature, including why the movies can be appreciated more by viewing them in tandem.  Then psychological ideas are illustrated through the paired films.  Topics include psychosis, depression, family dynamics, parenting, identity formation, cognition, marital relationships, and development over the lifespan.  Films span decades and genres, including Harvey (1950), Fight Club (1999), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), About Schmidt (2002), and Before Midnight (2013).

Authors: Craig Pohlman and Josh Jensen

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Mixed Shrinks: Ridiculous Real Life Stories from Shrinks

Have you ever wanted to read funny stories from a bunch of shrinks?  Neither have we! But somehow this book turned out pretty great. We asked therapists to share their funniest true-life stories and we got some doozies.  There are stories in here about families and friends and dogs and nakedness and bodily functions.  In other words, all the things that make life worth living.

You hold in your sweaty little hands a collection of short stories not quite like any other. Ordinarily, we would have gotten several famous psychologists to endorse the book, but they were all dead, and subsequently, slow to respond to our emails.  Rest assured, though, this is a modern-day classic among the therapists-sharing-embarrassing-personal-stories genre of literature. We’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it.

Stories from: Kristin Daley, Frank Gaskill, Jonathan Hetterly, Melissa Miller, Craig Pohlman, Mara Teal, Dave Verhaagen, Molly Murphy Wittig
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Filtered CoverFiltered

Wear your mask. The harsh red neon glow of Mountain Air advertising pours through the penthouse’s tall windows. Bathed in its light, seventeen-year-old Evelyn Brennan stares back at the sign and asks herself “Why?” Ash and soot fall from the sky, the air chokes with nauseous fumes, but where are the bodies gratuitously depicted on billboards? Determined to find the truth, she begins to challenge the status quo of her regimented life. Disregarding new filters, and venturing into parts of the city she has never been, Evelyn probes the boundaries of the Great Society. Trusting in newfound allies, she finds herself entangled in a brewing revolution. Evelyn’s entire world, and her very identity, are called into question. Pressing on, even as her own world unravels, she ventures into the unknown and unlocks the secrets held within a mysterious device hidden deep beneath the city. Can Evelyn’s dreams of a peaceful revolution reshape the Great Society, or will the blood on her hands jeopardize everything?

Author: G.K. Lamb
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Liberia’s Son: A True Story of Hope, Courage, and Resilience

Caught in the crossfire of an unexpected civil war, Yu-jay Harris and his family escape near-certain death at the hands of cruel government soldiers.  Their desperate journey to safety takes them into a true heart of darkness where they face even more terrors at nearly every turn.  Liberia’s Son is a remarkable story of resilience in the face of the worst of humanity and how it shaped a man who now embodies the best of humanity.  It is a gripping story of courage, hope, faith, and determination that will stay with you long after you’ve read it.


Author: Dave Verhaagen with Yu-jay Harris

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